5 Evaluations You Should Consider For Your Social Media Marketing

Rumor is Facebook is going to start charging for their business/fan pages!

Actually, I just made that up to get your attention and to hopefully think about your page and content posted there.

If they did charge for it, what would you do differently? Would you take it more seriously as a marketing tool in your arsenal of promoting your brand?

I believe the answer to the second question is yes. You, like many others, started with Facebook as a personal endeavor to stay in touch with friends. Because of my mindset of being all business at the time, I actually began Facebook out of the gate with business promotion in mind on my personal page. I saw it as an opportunity to promote myself and my business to those needing my service.

It is not only Facebook but any other online marketing you are doing, whether it be Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., you should think of each one of those that has your name or logo attached just as you would a print ad. Design and content is extremely important. Go to your home page of each of these and try to look at your design and content as if it was someone else’s business. Answer these questions:

1. Is there compelling content and engagement so that you would want to do business with that person/business?

2. Is the content the right mix of selling and information?

3. How would your product(s) be described if only from your posts?

4. How is the customer service based on reactions to comments?

5. Would you recommend that business?

Maybe Facebook (or any other social media) is not charging you for your space but perhaps it is time you started paying someone to manage it for you so you do take it more seriously for the marketing opportunity it is. If you can honestly answer the above questions in a positive manner, good for you and good job! If not, then please call us today for a strategy session to help you be able to answer the questions positively.

How Much Time Should You Spend On Social Media Marketing?

How much time should you spend on your social media marketing per day if you are doing it yourself seems to be the big topic lately with various articles we are reading.
Just recently I read one that said you can handle 3 or 4 social media outlets in 30 minutes per day. That is not possible if you want it to be effective.

Sure you can post something on Facebook or Google+ when you get to the office, have it linked to your Twitter feed or vice versa, read a few posts by others and go on your merry way. You may even favorite or like a couple posts. That, my friends, will not market you or your brand. It is likely your posts or tweets will not even be seen. You may use a third party service like Hootsuite or Social Oomph and spend a bit more time scheduling a few more posts for the day thinking you have done a great time management job in getting your message out but it still may not be seen.

So what is the correct amount of time to spend on your social media marketing?

There is no easy answer to that question. It will depend on your business type, when your audience is online and the number of social media channels you are utilizing for your marketing. It would be very easy to spend 30 minutes just engaging with others on any of the outlets. You may have worked hard to get those followers or likes so you cannot ignore them. You have to spend time communicating and engaging them…..that takes time!

The answer to the question we posed about how much time should you spend is; however much it takes to do it right and effectively.

Do you have that much time to take away from what you do best each day to manage your own social media marketing? That is the real question you should be considering. If the answer is no it may be time to consider hiring a professional to do it for you. You can call us at 910.540.5927 for a discussion of your marketing and how we can help your time management to free you up to do what you do best.

Are You Better Than Justin Bieber At Facebook?

There has been much scuttlebutt lately about Facebook algorithms changing and impacting what gets seen by your followers. Should you pay for promoted posts or Facebook ads to get your message seen? Not necessarily.

Most business pages concentrate on getting people to Like the page. That is only the beginning. You can have 10,000 Likes but if your Talking About This is only 37, then you need to rethink what you are posting. Justin Biebers page is a good example of this.

According to this article, if your “Talking About This” number is more than 6% of your total Likes then your message is probably being seen. It also means you are getting engagement on your content, which should be one of your main goals.

Something new Facebook has added this week is Pages Feed on personal pages. This is where you can go to see what Pages you like have been posting. Even with this added feature it is still important to have content that gets Liked, Shared or Commented on.

A snapshot survey today of Pages we handle show an average of 17.3% Talking About This. At one point we had a Page over 100% which was pretty cool for us (and our client) and we did a virtual high five for our efforts. This is in conjunction with increasing Likes. By the way, Justin Bieber is only at 2%.

It is important to have new Likes but more important they see what you are posting and your branding efforts. Need some help with that? Call us at 910.540.5927 and we can share some of our secrets or handle the content posting for you.

Make Twitter Work for You!

Often, we hear our clients say, “We don’t need Twitter,” followed quickly by, “Does it really work?” The order of their proclamation amuses us. Human nature has many of us shying away from what we don’t understand and with our clients, it seems Twitter is one of those great mysteries.

Here’s 3 great reasons your small business should incorporate Twitter:

Engagement:  Of course, this holds the same for all social networks, however, the ability to connect with a vast audience of Twitter users is amazing. In a monthly meeting with one of our clients, they asked us to remove our concentration from Twitter. As the conversation progressed, we went on to talk about their long term goals for their local small business. It turns out one of their goals is to take a part of the business nation-wide. Suffice it to say, we are back to managing their Twitter account for them!

Yes, it is true, you obviously won’t be able to engage with all 100 million twitter users, but with a bit of time and diligence, you should be able to build a tribe of fans and supporters as well as reach out to others in your field that may offer valuable insight and inspiration. Keeping their long and short term goals in mind, we’ve built a campaign in Twitter which differs distinctly from other social networks.

FREE web presence: Everyone loves free, right? Your twitter profile can double as a virtual billboard for your small business. Of course if you put a billboard on a road that no one travels, you’re wasting valuable time and money. In addition, if you put a billboard that doesn’t get information across in the appropriately its just as big a waste of resources. A well written profile, along with superb engagement can drive traffic to your business. Isn’t that the goal?

SEO: If nothing else, Twitter will do wonders for your SEO (search engine optimization). Paying close attention to your keywords, you’ll start seeing your tweets in twitter searches and perhaps Google searches. Adding relevant links back to your website will also boost your visibility.

It should go without saying, although it doesn’t seem to, excellence in Twitter as it relates to your business takes time and consistency. Like anything else, it should be monitored and molded. Personally, we spend hours each week engaging, tweeting and analyzing for better effectiveness. To find out how we can better your business using Twitter, set up a consultation today!


Are People Talking???

Have you noticed the new number on the left hand column of your Facebook business page? Between “xxx like this” and “xxx were here” is “xxx are talking about this. So if you didn’t have a reason to make your Facebook Business Page interesting before, you do now!

The “People Are Talking About This” feature is part of a metric that will be (if it isn’t already) available in your page’s insights, as well as for the public to view. The People Are Talking About This calculates how many people are liking your posts, commenting on your posts, sharing your posts, and so on. Now, someone visiting your page for the first time will will be able to judge how good the content is by seeing how many people are talking about the page.

In addition, insights, accessible by administrators of the page, will be changing and offering more information than previously. You will be able to view page level data going back 500 posts, determining how many friends your fans have (extent of reach), and the virality of your posts.

So just what does that mean for your small business? Basically it means that you need to provide posts that are engaging your community, being shared and being talked about. Your business should have someone dedicated to responding to posts in a timely manner in order to keep a conversation going. Links, photos, and information shared on your Facebook wall needs to be interesting enough for your fans to take the time to comment and share with their sphere.

InAweMarketing specializes in this kind of engagement. While we can’t promise a post will go viral, we’ve certainly seen it happen and know how to increase the chance of it happening again. Consider InAweMarketing for your social media engagement management.