5 Evaluations You Should Consider For Your Social Media Marketing

Rumor is Facebook is going to start charging for their business/fan pages!

Actually, I just made that up to get your attention and to hopefully think about your page and content posted there.

If they did charge for it, what would you do differently? Would you take it more seriously as a marketing tool in your arsenal of promoting your brand?

I believe the answer to the second question is yes. You, like many others, started with Facebook as a personal endeavor to stay in touch with friends. Because of my mindset of being all business at the time, I actually began Facebook out of the gate with business promotion in mind on my personal page. I saw it as an opportunity to promote myself and my business to those needing my service.

It is not only Facebook but any other online marketing you are doing, whether it be Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., you should think of each one of those that has your name or logo attached just as you would a print ad. Design and content is extremely important. Go to your home page of each of these and try to look at your design and content as if it was someone else’s business. Answer these questions:

1. Is there compelling content and engagement so that you would want to do business with that person/business?

2. Is the content the right mix of selling and information?

3. How would your product(s) be described if only from your posts?

4. How is the customer service based on reactions to comments?

5. Would you recommend that business?

Maybe Facebook (or any other social media) is not charging you for your space but perhaps it is time you started paying someone to manage it for you so you do take it more seriously for the marketing opportunity it is. If you can honestly answer the above questions in a positive manner, good for you and good job! If not, then please call us today for a strategy session to help you be able to answer the questions positively.

Cross Media Marketing – Are You Using It To Your Advantage?

Are you utilizing cross media marketing to increase your brand awareness and sales?

One of the very first steps you need to take is to think about what your goal is with each of your marketing platforms. A marketing campaign with no real strategy and goal is doomed to failure. Think about your strategy for each platform:

Web site
Newsletter or other direct mail
Email campaign

Where do you want to move your audience?

Is it to your web site? If so, there are ways to do that and it be incorporated in the content of the other platforms. You must have proper calls to action to accomplish that.

By using cross media marketing you will also have an opportunity to give your customers or potential customers an opportunity to respond based on their preferred marketing media.

You may be thinking you never heard of cross media marketing and you want to learn more. A strategy session with us can provide you with a plan to help you with that and realize your marketing goals. Call us at 910.540.5927 to learn more.

How Much Time Should You Spend On Social Media Marketing?

How much time should you spend on your social media marketing per day if you are doing it yourself seems to be the big topic lately with various articles we are reading.
Just recently I read one that said you can handle 3 or 4 social media outlets in 30 minutes per day. That is not possible if you want it to be effective.

Sure you can post something on Facebook or Google+ when you get to the office, have it linked to your Twitter feed or vice versa, read a few posts by others and go on your merry way. You may even favorite or like a couple posts. That, my friends, will not market you or your brand. It is likely your posts or tweets will not even be seen. You may use a third party service like Hootsuite or Social Oomph and spend a bit more time scheduling a few more posts for the day thinking you have done a great time management job in getting your message out but it still may not be seen.

So what is the correct amount of time to spend on your social media marketing?

There is no easy answer to that question. It will depend on your business type, when your audience is online and the number of social media channels you are utilizing for your marketing. It would be very easy to spend 30 minutes just engaging with others on any of the outlets. You may have worked hard to get those followers or likes so you cannot ignore them. You have to spend time communicating and engaging them…..that takes time!

The answer to the question we posed about how much time should you spend is; however much it takes to do it right and effectively.

Do you have that much time to take away from what you do best each day to manage your own social media marketing? That is the real question you should be considering. If the answer is no it may be time to consider hiring a professional to do it for you. You can call us at 910.540.5927 for a discussion of your marketing and how we can help your time management to free you up to do what you do best.

Is Your Social Media Marketing Legal?

We recently reviewed a potential clients social media outlets and found some interesting things their current in house person was doing. They had some great blog posts feeding to their web site but guess what? They were cut and paste jobs from other people’s blogs, not sourced, and posted as original content. The first issue with this is the obvious plagiarizing. Posting this as their own content to portray them as the experts in their field could get found out very easily (we figured it out in just a few seconds) and could harm their reputation as the honest business I know them to be. They also could get called out publicly on social media outlets by the person/company whose material it was. I have seen this happen and it is not pretty.

Another issue we see is with photos being used that are trademarked or copyrighted but permission is not given to use the photo. Novices are using them anyway not understanding having to pay for certain photos or gaining permission first.

Some industries have legal guidelines concerning what they can and cannot advertise. Yes, social media is advertising and must comply with those laws. We find companies allowing just anyone to post content for them without any education provided to the poster. Education not only in marketing but in the legalities is essential. It could be the manager or owner doesn’t understand this is advertising and needs to be in compliance for their industry just as a newspaper or magazine ad would be. One of our clients is not allowed to have endorsements or endorse anyone else on LinkedIn. Quirky you think? Yes, but they must deal with it.

Legal and site imposed rules may be broken with the contest you have on Facebook for example to get new Likes to your page or you may be giving away something. Is it in compliance with your industry laws and the Facebook guidelines?

The various social media sites have rules and guidelines to be adhered to. Whether your marketing is being done in house or by a third party, those guidelines must be read, understood, and abided by. Results of not complying could be your site is shut down.

As a business owner you need to be cognizant of this and be certain, as with any other law or guideline governing your indusrty, that you are in compliance. Some businesses are contracting with outside companies who specialize in monitoring sites for compliance. That may not be necessary if you have the right people in place managing them.

If you would like to discuss any of these points please call us at 910.540.5927 or email us at info@inawemarketing.com

Do You Have Skills?

We have known for some time how important it is to have your profile complete in LinkedIn. Now it is more important than ever.

Take a look at your profile. What Skills and Expertise do you show? Do the ones you have listed reflect what you actually have and what your business is? If not, you probably need to fix that. I went to the profile of someone I had done business with for the express purpose of endorsing their skills. Guess what? They had one skill shown and it was so vague I couldn’t endorse them. If someone is looking at your profile and it doesn’t describe you and your business, why do you have a profile in the first place?

LinkedIn can be an important part of your social media toolbox for marketing but only if it is done correctly. If you need help with that, part of what we do for our clients is manage LinkedIn. We also offer our strategy sessions to help you do it yourself. Call us at 910.540.5927 and find out what we can do for your business.