Entrepreneurs Aren’t Necessarily Getting It

Do you agree a restaurant owner, a realtor and a retail clothing store owner are entrepreneurs? I was looking at a restaurants Facebook page last week and if I was basing my decision on where to eat that day on what I saw, it would not be them. It appears they must have closed up shop about 9 months ago because they haven’t done anything with their page since then. The same with the Realtor on Twitter and the clothing store on Facebook. They are all still in business but you can’t tell by their social media marketing.

According to this article, they are doing everything wrong with their marketing and probably should just delete their social media presence. More than likely they jumped on one of the sites because it was the newest shiny thing and then realized they didn’t have time or inclination to do it properly.

Many times before meeting with a potential client I have done searches of where they may be on social media and I find several sites where they have set up a profile. When I ask them about it they reply that they heard about it and set up a profile, that was it. Of course, they had grand intentions of being active thinking this was the latest and greatest thing to drive more clients to them. Then something newer and shiner came along and they jumped on that.

If you are guilty of any of the things mentioned in the article then perhaps it would be a good idea to get in touch with us for a strategy/training session or to allow us to manage your social media marketing for you. Call us today at 910.540.5927 and we will get the conversation started.

Where Is Your Targeted Audience?

You read something on line or went to a class and the latest greatest new shiny thing in social media was talked about. You immediately jumped on it and thought you needed to have a presence. Sound familiar?

Who are your clients/customers? If you can answer that it will help you determine where you need to spend your social media time, effort and money in marketing to them. This is just a short list of available social media outlets:

You Tube

You can’t be on all of them effectively.

If your targeted demographic is women 25-45 years old where are your going to reach and engage them? Probably not LinkedIn. Facebook and Pinterest may be your avenues. Once you choose the venue for your message you then have to determine when your audience uses those sites and have content to catch their attention when they are there. You wouldn’t buy a radio ad to run only in the middle of the night on a rock station if your product was landscape services.

There will always be something brand new and shiny coming along. You don’t necessarily need to be there. Our strategy sessions can help you determine where you need to be spending that time, effort and money. Call us at 910.540.5927 to schedule a session.

YouTube The New Medium for Presidential “Fireside Chats”?

The outlook for the US in 1933 was very bleak.  The country was in the state of depression and communism threatened to take over the world. The United States, much like today, needed a President who acted decisively while connecting with its citizens.

Before I go on, let me clearly state that this post is not a history lesson or a political statement.  Rather, merely a comparison and lesson in means of communication.

During FDR’s presidency, he implemented the unofficial “Fireside Chats”.  These chats were aimed to calm the fears of the American people and market his administration’s ideas – unofficially.  It was early day use of social networking, via the radio.  FDR met his people right where they were, in their living rooms gathered around the radio.

Now, flash forward to 2011.  The desire and need for governmental transparency is perhaps as great or greater than those times following the Great Depression.

Today President Obama will address questions left unanswered by Tuesday’s State of the Union Address via YouTube.  Over 140,000 questions were submitted to YouTube and voted on by over 1.4 million times.  Obama is scheduled to answer the top questions (Sadly, that will include the legalization of marijuana.  But I digress)  It will be interesting to see how this progresses and to watch the number of hits on the YouTube video.  Will this address be more popular than his weekly podcasts?  (Did you know you could subscribe to weekly podcasts?) It will be interesting to see if the use of YouTube chats becomes a common medium for the President moving forward.

The use of social media is nothing new to Obama and his promoters.  In the 2008 election, it’s reported that 25% of his voters were linked to him via social media.  Campaigning for Obama started via social media long before the official announcement of his candidacy.  Bloggers were broken up by state and did a great job engaging other bloggers in each of the regions. It was almost as if the man himself was speaking directly to the people.  Right where they were.

So are you meeting your “people” right where they are?