Entrepreneurs Aren’t Necessarily Getting It

Do you agree a restaurant owner, a realtor and a retail clothing store owner are entrepreneurs? I was looking at a restaurants Facebook page last week and if I was basing my decision on where to eat that day on what I saw, it would not be them. It appears they must have closed up shop about 9 months ago because they haven’t done anything with their page since then. The same with the Realtor on Twitter and the clothing store on Facebook. They are all still in business but you can’t tell by their social media marketing.

According to this article, they are doing everything wrong with their marketing and probably should just delete their social media presence. More than likely they jumped on one of the sites because it was the newest shiny thing and then realized they didn’t have time or inclination to do it properly.

Many times before meeting with a potential client I have done searches of where they may be on social media and I find several sites where they have set up a profile. When I ask them about it they reply that they heard about it and set up a profile, that was it. Of course, they had grand intentions of being active thinking this was the latest and greatest thing to drive more clients to them. Then something newer and shiner came along and they jumped on that.

If you are guilty of any of the things mentioned in the article then perhaps it would be a good idea to get in touch with us for a strategy/training session or to allow us to manage your social media marketing for you. Call us today at 910.540.5927 and we will get the conversation started.

Where Is Your Targeted Audience?

You read something on line or went to a class and the latest greatest new shiny thing in social media was talked about. You immediately jumped on it and thought you needed to have a presence. Sound familiar?

Who are your clients/customers? If you can answer that it will help you determine where you need to spend your social media time, effort and money in marketing to them. This is just a short list of available social media outlets:

You Tube

You can’t be on all of them effectively.

If your targeted demographic is women 25-45 years old where are your going to reach and engage them? Probably not LinkedIn. Facebook and Pinterest may be your avenues. Once you choose the venue for your message you then have to determine when your audience uses those sites and have content to catch their attention when they are there. You wouldn’t buy a radio ad to run only in the middle of the night on a rock station if your product was landscape services.

There will always be something brand new and shiny coming along. You don’t necessarily need to be there. Our strategy sessions can help you determine where you need to be spending that time, effort and money. Call us at 910.540.5927 to schedule a session.

Why We Don’t Tweet Much About Twitter

Part of our daily work routine here at InAweMarketing is spending hours scouring news sources for relevant information regarding social media, internet marketing, technology, and SEO. Some of our mission is purely educational, to keep up with current events, but a large portion is to do the research so you, our followers and clients, don’t have to.

When relevant, we will share and post information. Rarely, however, do you find us tweeting about Twitter. The reason is this: we consider the audience. Many of our followers on Twitter are “experts”. They take the time to know their Twitter feed inside and out. Posting Twitter information to that particular audience would be redundant and would probably do more harm than good.

What’s my point? When marketing, are you reaching the correct audience with the correct content? are you engaging where you should be engaging? or are you spinning your wheels by reaching out to the wrong crowd?

We know it’s tough to sift through the various myriads of social networking. Consult with us to make your job easier.

Four Ways Your Small Business Compares to Hurricane Irene

Well, yes. Here in coastal North Carolina we are keeping a vigilant eye on Irene as she pummels her way up the eastern seaboard.  I’m going to preface this post by admitting to understanding it is obvious in nature and a bit simple – but it is on my mind, so here goes:

1. Prepare – Those of us that have gone through a storm of any particular size know the importance of preparation.  We make sure our batteries are stocked, if we have a generator, we make sure it’s in working order. We make sure propane tanks of grills are full, we even make sure the wine cabinet is stocked! We make sure we know where our important documents are, in case they need to be grabbed toot-sweet.

Small businesses also need to make sure they have their catastrophic “kits” prepared and ready to be deployed.  We are often managed and run by a single person or a small team. We need to spend some time imagining what events could threaten us and prepare accordingly.

2. Plan – Driving home last evening I was surrounded by a calm and beautiful sky.  However, as is always the case with impending storms, I could sense the tension in others as they made their preparations and plans. It got me wondering what it was like before we relied so heavily on meteorologist to forewarn us.  Were the senses of the citizens more in tune with the atmosphere? Or did the storm roll in undetected?

As small businesses we need to avail ourselves to every tool out there that is readily available. We need to listen to forecasters and learn how to read the signs of the market.  We need to look for opportunities to take advantage of, as well as those that present potential danger (some clients are just not worth dealing with!)

3. Seek Shelter – It never ceases to amaze me when I see people out driving around or taking chances during a storm.  Especially those right on the coast who “refuse” to leave – and then it’s too late.They’re stuck.

As a small business owner, don’t be “that person” who waits it out.  If you have a great idea (or what you think is a great idea), by all means research it, weigh the pros and cons, try it out.  If it fails and you don’t have a solution to fix it, know when to let it go. Don’t keep wasting your time, energy, and money because your ego won’t let it lie.

Likewise, if you have a perplexing problem in any area of your business, seek the shelter of a professional before it’s too late. They have means, education and where with all to assess the problem accurately and remove the burden from your business!

4. Don’t Believe the Hype – I remember one storm I went through years ago where we lost power for a few hours so I went without phone, tv etc.  We were fine. We actually had a good time playing games, reading books, doing stuff we don’t normally take the time to do when we have electricity. Hours later when the power was restored I had several frantic messages from my older brother (bless his heart) who had the “luxury” of watching the media report the hurricane from our local beach town. When he saw the port-o-john fly past in the background he panicked.  The news is saying it’s bad, it must be, right?

As small businesses, if have planned, if we have prepared, if we have taken shelter then we should be savvy enough to know the difference between attention getting scare tactics versus real and valid news that will help you grow your business.

What other ways can you compare management of a small business to a Category 3 Hurricane?


Are You Running Your Business or Is Your Business Running You?

Think back to when you first made that decision to start your own small business.  I bet you can clearly remember the excitement, the spark, the feeling that you could take on the world and win!

With energy and gusto, you created your business plan, and tackled a to-do list a mile long.  Clients and business started to roll in, your bank account started to grow.

By now, your energy has started to wane a bit, and all those great ideas to market your business you had to begin with became passing thoughts started with, “when I have some time”. You are just too busy with the day to day tasks to manage any of that “out of the box thinking”.  But somewhere deep inside, you know that it’s the out of the box thinking that was the reason you started your business.  The excitement of your days lie within that sort of innovation.

We have a fix for this common dilemma.  Outsource your marketing. Get back to the business of running your business while capturing the excitement of seeing some of your best ideas put to use!