Entrepreneurs Aren’t Necessarily Getting It

Do you agree a restaurant owner, a realtor and a retail clothing store owner are entrepreneurs? I was looking at a restaurants Facebook page last week and if I was basing my decision on where to eat that day on what I saw, it would not be them. It appears they must have closed up shop about 9 months ago because they haven’t done anything with their page since then. The same with the Realtor on Twitter and the clothing store on Facebook. They are all still in business but you can’t tell by their social media marketing.

According to this article, they are doing everything wrong with their marketing and probably should just delete their social media presence. More than likely they jumped on one of the sites because it was the newest shiny thing and then realized they didn’t have time or inclination to do it properly.

Many times before meeting with a potential client I have done searches of where they may be on social media and I find several sites where they have set up a profile. When I ask them about it they reply that they heard about it and set up a profile, that was it. Of course, they had grand intentions of being active thinking this was the latest and greatest thing to drive more clients to them. Then something newer and shiner came along and they jumped on that.

If you are guilty of any of the things mentioned in the article then perhaps it would be a good idea to get in touch with us for a strategy/training session or to allow us to manage your social media marketing for you. Call us today at 910.540.5927 and we will get the conversation started.

Are You A Rock Star Failure At Social Media

There are so many people who are calling themselves social media experts and what I am finding is some could use some lessons. Maybe you manage your own businesses marketing and could use these tips to be a rock star failure yourself.

Here are some sure fire ways to be certain you attain that status.

-Post 10 tweets in a row within a minute or two because someone told you that was the number of times per day you should do so.

-Read the latest infographic of what time you should post on Facebook and follow that advice. You can ignore the time zone and when your targeted market is online.

-Share your business card on LinkedIn via a 3rd party and spam every connection you have with the invitation.

-Log in to Pinterest once a week or so and repin several catchy photo’s within minutes.

-Check your Facebook page once a week and like everything everyone has posted, even from last week.

-Ignore comments, retweets, shares, connections, etc. Who cares about relationships.

-Don’t use any cross media marketing. Just post that YouTube video or blog and someone may see it.

-Link all your social media accounts so the same content posts to all at the same time.

-Post the same boring content selling your widgets each time.

-Jump on every new and shiny social media site there is, set up a profile then ignore it.

If you are doing even a couple of these you may have qualified for Rock Star Failure in the social media marketing of your business. Congratulations!

Maybe it is time to let someone else manage that piece of your branding and marketing. Someone like us maybe? Call us at 910.540.5927 for a strategy session or information.

How Much Time Should You Spend On Social Media Marketing?

How much time should you spend on your social media marketing per day if you are doing it yourself seems to be the big topic lately with various articles we are reading.
Just recently I read one that said you can handle 3 or 4 social media outlets in 30 minutes per day. That is not possible if you want it to be effective.

Sure you can post something on Facebook or Google+ when you get to the office, have it linked to your Twitter feed or vice versa, read a few posts by others and go on your merry way. You may even favorite or like a couple posts. That, my friends, will not market you or your brand. It is likely your posts or tweets will not even be seen. You may use a third party service like Hootsuite or Social Oomph and spend a bit more time scheduling a few more posts for the day thinking you have done a great time management job in getting your message out but it still may not be seen.

So what is the correct amount of time to spend on your social media marketing?

There is no easy answer to that question. It will depend on your business type, when your audience is online and the number of social media channels you are utilizing for your marketing. It would be very easy to spend 30 minutes just engaging with others on any of the outlets. You may have worked hard to get those followers or likes so you cannot ignore them. You have to spend time communicating and engaging them…..that takes time!

The answer to the question we posed about how much time should you spend is; however much it takes to do it right and effectively.

Do you have that much time to take away from what you do best each day to manage your own social media marketing? That is the real question you should be considering. If the answer is no it may be time to consider hiring a professional to do it for you. You can call us at 910.540.5927 for a discussion of your marketing and how we can help your time management to free you up to do what you do best.

Where Is Your Targeted Audience?

You read something on line or went to a class and the latest greatest new shiny thing in social media was talked about. You immediately jumped on it and thought you needed to have a presence. Sound familiar?

Who are your clients/customers? If you can answer that it will help you determine where you need to spend your social media time, effort and money in marketing to them. This is just a short list of available social media outlets:

You Tube

You can’t be on all of them effectively.

If your targeted demographic is women 25-45 years old where are your going to reach and engage them? Probably not LinkedIn. Facebook and Pinterest may be your avenues. Once you choose the venue for your message you then have to determine when your audience uses those sites and have content to catch their attention when they are there. You wouldn’t buy a radio ad to run only in the middle of the night on a rock station if your product was landscape services.

There will always be something brand new and shiny coming along. You don’t necessarily need to be there. Our strategy sessions can help you determine where you need to be spending that time, effort and money. Call us at 910.540.5927 to schedule a session.

A Niche is Nice

We know, we know, you’re an expert at all things real estate.  You know the market like it’s the back of your hand, inside and out, up and down.  In fact, who needs the Multiple Listing Service when they have you around?  You work with first time buyers, move up buyers, retirement buyers, sellers, investors, renters, banks dealing with foreclosures, short-sales and estate sales.  You’re the go-to guy in the office for all questions regarding real estate.

But, let me tell you a bit of a secret.  So are hundreds of others in your market. Sorry.  I know that hurt a little.

Now let’s take this to the world-wide-web.  We already know the importance of being seen on-line.  Right?  I mean, right?  But how can we compete with the big dogs?  The company websites that a have a team and a wad of cash focusing on their SEO.  How can we compete with the large teams that spend a hefty budget on pay-per-click advertising?  How will your well-crafted weekly market reports compete stand-out against the 1,715 other weekly market reports?

Enter “niche marketing”.  Forget about trying to reach the masses by dumping all the knowledge  stored in your cranium and concentrate on just one area, whether it’s buyers or sellers, or a particular neighborhood.  Or maybe you’ve facilitated more short sales than anyone else your market – that’s a pedestal on which to stand, take and run with it.  Start your Facebook business page or group centered around the niche.  Write a blog and concentrate on that niche.  Focus your advertising with the niche in mind.

Let’s say that you decide you want your niche to be physicians because you recently sold a home to a lovely doctor and spouse.  Right away you can begin branding yourself with just this one sale using niche marketing.  Learn all you can from your client (or your client’s spouse), ask for referrals – repeatedly, and make sure you get a written testimonials (video and/or pictures would be lovely, too) Woo the recruiter for the hospital, make sure they know that they can call you on a moment’s notice and you will drop everything to tour their prospective employee.  Make sure your Google Alerts are set to all things medical, how will a health bill affect their business? how is the new age of lending affecting their ability to buy the home they really want?  Your Facebook page should be directed to the lifestyle and well being of a physician, your Twitter posts should blast news alerts as they happen.  Hang out at the coffee shop near the hospital, offer to buy lunch for their practice on a monthly basis (just as important as the spouse is, so are the nurses and administrative staff that support the doctor on a daily basis).  It wouldn’t hurt to play nice with the pharmaceutical reps that are visiting the office as well…  Are you getting the picture?

Still not convinced? If you haven’t bought into this idea of niche marketing yet, I would imagine that it’s because you are afraid of losing business.  So, here’s my challenge to you: experiment.  Run two different campaigns, one touting your expertise at all things real estate, and one boasting of your craft in your niche.  I assure you, as conversations (on-line or otherwise) begin with your niche, your counterpart will quickly learn you are, in fact, a walking real estate Wikipedia.

Try it.  If I’m wrong, tell me about it.