Should You Cross Post And Link Social Media?

Linking and cross posting your social media accounts is not a good idea. Yes, it may save you time but it will potentially create all sorts of problems for you.

We will only outline some issues with Facebook to Twitter and vice versa.

1. You very likely have a different audience for each and need to communicate with them in a different manner.

2. You don’t want to post to Facebook as much per day as you do with Twitter. If your Tweets are auto posted to Facebook you will likely get your page unliked.

3. If auto posting from Facebook to Twitter it is even worse because FB posts typically take a longer form and your tweets will be truncated and ignored
4. Hashtags on Facebook and Twitter are going to take you to different things so using cross posting to either could be an issue.

5. The value in social media is the interaction. Cross posting says you are not interested and only want to broadcast your message. It also says you probably don’t interact on other pages either.

Is it ever a good idea to cross post between Facebook and Twitter? Probably not! If time is the issue choose one or the other. With a little thought though you may be able to find ways to post and engage on both channels and be more effective with your marketing.

If you don’t have time to post independently on the different channels we are available to manage the content and engagement for you. Call us at 910.540.5927 for a discussion on how we can help.

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