Who Is Minding The Store?

This week I posted what I intended to be a humorous Tweet and mentioned a particular business. Within 7 minutes that company responded to my Tweet and took it seriously by providing a solution to my issue. We had 5 back and forth exchanges and their responses after that first one was almost immediate. I was duly impressed and am an even more loyal customer now than before. I will also share this experience with others needing their type service.

I decided then to test some other social media outlets for response times from businesses. I posted comments on Twitter and Facebook for my test. You know what the little Twitter bird looks like? Well, the silence from those businesses was like that bird and all his friends chirping….all I heard was birds chirping. Nothing from the businesses.

That is a business fail in my opinion.

Would you do business with someone who ignored you? We have asked that same question in previous posts and it begs the question….who is minding your store? The store being whatever your business is. It would be better to not have a marketing presence on social media if you are not going to monitor it or have a third party to do that for you.

Perhaps it is time to hire a third party to truly manage your social media marketing. We just happen to be available to do that. Call us today at 910.540.5927 for a consultation on how we can assist you.

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