Cross Media Marketing – Are You Using It To Your Advantage?

Are you utilizing cross media marketing to increase your brand awareness and sales?

One of the very first steps you need to take is to think about what your goal is with each of your marketing platforms. A marketing campaign with no real strategy and goal is doomed to failure. Think about your strategy for each platform:

Web site
Newsletter or other direct mail
Email campaign

Where do you want to move your audience?

Is it to your web site? If so, there are ways to do that and it be incorporated in the content of the other platforms. You must have proper calls to action to accomplish that.

By using cross media marketing you will also have an opportunity to give your customers or potential customers an opportunity to respond based on their preferred marketing media.

You may be thinking you never heard of cross media marketing and you want to learn more. A strategy session with us can provide you with a plan to help you with that and realize your marketing goals. Call us at 910.540.5927 to learn more.

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